Sample Copy from Brickell World Plaza Portfolio:
More than just another development, Brickell World Plaza is a benchmark for Miami's future. The soaring office tower is unmatched in its future-smart, eco-friendly design and services, and the 30,000-square-foot, tree-shaded Plaza will enrich the community for years to come.


Sample Copy from 600 Brickell Pocket Folder:
In today's fast-moving world of global business, "smart" is the new baseline. By choosing an office building that delivers smart technology – giving you easy access to all the freshest thinking out there – you can start each day ahead of the competition.

That's why we built 600 Brickell. Towering above Miami's dynamic Brickell Avenue, it is the first and only high-rise office tower in the nation designed for "next-generation" convergence. This "smart+green" platform delivers voice, wireless, security, video services and sustainability – a full complement of solutions to support a wide range of business-ready applications.

600 Brickell is engineered to perfection in every way. It is 40 levels of pure innovation. And it is now ready for you.


Sample Copy from Pocket Folder Insert on Connectivity:
If You're Not Connected, You're Not in Business
600 Brickell is the first US-based office building of this magnitude that approaches Information & Communication Technology (ICT) as a 4th utility.

Direct Connection to the WORLD
The NAP (Network Access Point) of the Americas in Miami is one of only eight Tier 4 Data Centers globally, and it's just one mile from Brickell World Plaza. The fiber optic infrastructure between 600 Brickell and the NAP of the Americas gives you the fastest and most cost-effective access. In short, you are directly connected to the Internet backbone.

Having this direct connection puts your company less than one millisecond away from the world.

High Availability - 99.999%
Just as business is dependent on technology, technology is dependent on connectivity. Only for its tenants, 600 Brickell provides high availability with a Service Level Agreement – a guarantee of the highest possible availability so you can be sure that your business stays connected.

Not only do we offer redundant fiber optic connections from 600 Brickell to the NAP of the Americas, we carry this throughout the infrastructure and provide redundant fiber connections to each floor.

Seamless Scalability
As a successful business, technology demands can increase exponentially. 600 Brickell offers scalability from the start, allowing growth to happen in a way that saves tenants considerable time and money.

No waiting weeks for an outside vendor. No expensive construction costs. Just make a call and we'll make the switch. It's that quick. It's that easy.

Five Bars Everywhere
With the rise of mobile technology, smartphones and tablets are vital tools for day-to-day business. To avoid low signal strength or dropped calls, Brickell World Plaza has installed a digital antenna system (DAS) to carry signals throughout the campus.

3G, 4G, AnyG. Whether you're in the office, the elevator, the parking garage or out on the Plaza, we've got you covered.