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Distinctive Properties, Los Angeles
New Digs in Historic Downtown
While many of the residential projects in the Downtown area are loft conversions, both Elleven and Luma are new from the ground up. According to [one developer], nothing about these buildings is "business as usual."

The Call of the Wilderness.
Living in a fast-paced metropolis like Los Angeles can get you all wound up. A vacation home in the mountains, however, can get you serenely – almost sloppily – relaxed.

Savor the Culinary Trails of Louisiana. Pick a cuisine, get a map and come hungry!
Louisiana is known for many things, among them Mardi Gras, jazz and beautiful scenery. Thanks to its multicultural heritage, however – French, Spanish, Caribbean and German – one of the best things about the state is its inexhaustible choice of food.

Western Style
In the fifties, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were the undisputed leaders of western style. Fringed skirts, yoked shirts and pearl-snap buttons defined the look, and wagon wheel bunk beds were the dream of every young cowpoke.

Thanks to sophisticated shifts in design, however, western style today has left those traditional duds in the dust. Seen in upscale restaurants, at formal occasions or in the corporate boardroom, western style can now be considered downright swanky.

Heart Health
"Eat right and exercise!" We've all heard it – but an alarming percentage of us still don't do it. Sadly, it is that simple fact that accounts for the astounding prevalence of heart disease in our society today.