Sample Copy:
Tell Me A Story
Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human communication. Through stories, we can learn, empathize, and become involved with a life that is very different from our own. As children, we are told fairy tales about magic places and beautiful people. About great adventures and joyful reunions.

Unfortunately, in this day and time, in our own community, not all children's stories have happy endings.

Last year in Travis County, 139 children died. Some from natural causes. Many as a result of accidents. And far too many from the abuse, neglect or ignorance of an adult. We can tell you about these deaths in numbers and statistics. But the numbers don't tell you who these children were. And the statistics won't tell you their stories.

On the following pages, you'll meet children for whom fairy tales are no longer relevant. The tragic facts of their cases are rooted in a reality for which our entire community is responsible. But by listening to each other, sharing our resources and working with organizations like the Children's Advocacy Center and the Child Fatality Review Team, we can make a difference. We can begin to tell a story of new ideas, cooperative programs and preventative measure that will save more lives.

And eventually, more children in Travis County can live happily ever after.