Sample Copy:
How Would You Build Your Home?
We're guessing you would research every decision, pour over every expense, and be invested in every construction detail. You would demand transparency and reliability from every subcontractor, working one on one with them until each job was done, and done right. And when your home was complete, you would evaluate every feature of the finished product to make certain it met your every expectation.

Well, you can relax. Because that's exactly how John Siemering will build your home.

Upfront and Honest
When you choose John Siemering Custom Homes, you choose the comfort of knowing you'll be working with our most experienced team member – John Siemering himself. John will sit down with you and work out a detailed bid that shows not only what you'll pay and what you'll get, but exactly how much we'll make on the job. We'll even provide references from banks, vendors, insurers and customers, allowing you to discover for yourself the rock-solid reputation we have built throughout this community.