Sample Video
After two years of extraordinary success, ownership was keen to create a video for shareholders and investors. In it, they wanted to showcase their formula for quick conversion and sales, along with the properties themselves -- including the portfolio they referred to as their "billion-dollar babies." While I wrote the content for the video, the firm's agency oversaw production and the selection of the voice talent.


Sample Copy from Murano at Delray Beach brochure:
Whether you're looking for a luxurious home to enjoy coastal living year round, or an ideal second home where you can escape from an all-too-hectic work schedule, Murano at Delray Beach is for you.

This exclusive, ideally located property features amenities and refinements designed to enhance your living experience in every way. Palm trees swaying over a resort-style pool and modern fitness facilities create ample opportunities to enjoy the casually elegant lifestyle that Delray Beach offers.

It's all waiting for you here, where you'll find a community built on the belief that quality materials and dedication to service are essential ingredients in creating an extraordinary living experience.