180 Walnut



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It's Your Turn. Do a 180 @ The Banks.

Discover 180 Walnut @ The Banks.

Along the banks of the Ohio River, a new kind of urban environment is evolving. Cincinnati's two stadiums now encompass an expanse of trees, green space and fountains, and Downtown stretches down to the river, representing an innovative new approach to mixing business with leisure.

A mixed-use development with residential, office, retail, dining and entertainment, The Banks is becoming a welcome extension of the city's live/work/play space. For tenants at 180 Walnut, that means experiencing the very best of this vibrant city, every day. Come to 180 Walnut at The Banks, and join the evolution toward sustainability, efficiency and convenience.

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Turn Toward an Unparalleled Work Environment.
Turn Costs Down and Productivity Up.
Turn to More Efficient Office Space.
Turn to a Strong Infrastructure that Supports Business Continuity.
Turn to Solid Ownership & Trusted Partners.